8 Ways To Learn More About Money

April is National Financial Literacy Month! If you’re looking to increase your own money savvy, here are eight ways to learn more about money and become better with your personal finances.

#1 - Books

There are so many great books about all areas of personal finance. Here are some of the best:

  • Financially Fearless by Alexa von Tobel

  • How to Be a Financial Grownup by Bobbi Rebell

  • Broke Millennial: Stop Scraping By and Get Your Financial Life Together by Erin Lowry

  • Get Money by Kristin Wong

  • The Millionaire Next Door by Stanley & Danko

  • Invested: A 12-Month Plan to Financial Freedom by Danielle and Phil Town

  • Broke Millennial Takes On Investing: A Beginner’s Guide to Leveling Up Your Money by Erin Lowry

  • Financial Freedom by Grant Sabatier

  • Student Loan Solution by David Carlson

If reading isn’t your thing, you can listen to them via something like Audible or Blinkist

#2 - Blogs

There are countless blogs that cover all areas of the personal finance spectrum!

If you want to get better at budgeting, there are sites and Instagram accounts dedicated exclusively to all kinds of budgeting strategies. Have a ton of debt to pay off? Same thing. Excited to start investing? Lots of blogs dedicated to investing too. Want to chase FIRE and earn financial independence and retire early? Plenty of people are doing it and writing about it.

Find whichever topics and voices resonate with you and follow them! Here are some of the best ones in our eyes:

  • The College Investor

  • Millennial Money Man

  • The Budget Mom

  • Money Peach

  • Budgets Are Sexy

  • PT Money

  • Good Financial Cents

  • Investor Junkie

#3 - YouTube channels

Depending on what you’re interested in learning, you can find plenty of channels on YouTube to fit the bill. Check out these channels for some serious money inspiration!

  • Stefanie O’Connell

  • Wealth Hacker - Jeff Rose

  • Budget Girl

  • The Financial Diet

  • LaTisha Styles

Not subscribed to ReisUP’s channel yet? We got you. Click here.

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#4 - Podcasts

Here are some money oriented podcasts you should add to your rotation:

  • Stacking Benjamins

  • So Money

  • Financial Grownup

  • Millennial Money

  • Planet Money

  • Afford Anything

  • InvestEd

  • Smart Passive Income

  • Financial Freedom

  • HerMoney

  • Mo’ Money Podcast

Do you listen to podcasts? What are you favorite ones? Comment below to share!

#5 - Apps

Apps are a great way to learn more about money because they make taking action super easy. And some of them come with built-in educational content to provide context on the tool itself!

Best budgeting apps:

  • YNAB

  • Mint

  • Wally

Best apps for paying off loans:

  • ChangEd

  • Qoins

  • Givling

Best investing apps:

  • Stash

  • Acorns

  • Qapital

  • Ally

  • Robinhood

  • Betterment

  • Wealthfront

#6 - Online courses

Online courses offer a curriculum of lessons that help you stay focused as you move through the material.

Looking for an all-in-one personal finance course? Check out MONEY by ReisUP:


Only need help with investing and retirement? WEALTH may be the better option for you:


#7 - Free webinars

If you’re not ready to bite the bullet and enroll in an entire course yet, then sign up for some free webinars about topics that interest you!

One you should definitely check out is our free webinar called 3 Money Rules Of Thumb You Shouldn’t Blindly Follow (and what to do instead).

#8 - Take action and adjust

The best way to learn about money and get better at it is to just START. Start somewhere. Whether you start by creating a budget, following a money expert on Instagram, hitting subscribe on ReisUP’s YouTube channel, or buying a course, you have to take action now to get started.

Chances are you won’t get it right the first time or find the best strategy for you right off the bat. That’s okay! You’ve just got to start somewhere, then adjust as you go along.


How do you prefer to learn about money? By video, podcasts, blogs, courses, apps, or some combination of a few? Leave a comment to let me know!


Tara Falcone, CFA, CFP® | Instagram: @reisupllc | YouTube: reisupllc