7 Investing Mistakes Millennials Are Making

"No, I don't consider myself an investor." According to a recent study by Fidelity, that's the response you'll get from 91% of millennials even though 63% of them have some kind of investment account. Clearly there's a disconnect here, and it's causing millennials to make some serious investing mistakes. 


As a professional millennial investor and investing educator, the top seven investing mistakes I see millennials making are: 

  1. Not starting soon enough
  2. Letting a lack of knowledge hold you back
  3. Assuming you can't afford to invest
  4. Contributing a fixed $ amount instead of a %
  5. Not choosing a side in the Roth vs traditional debate
  6. Not maxing your employer match
  7. Being too conservative

To learn more about each of these mistakes and how you can avoid them, check out the rest of this post that I wrote for my friends over at TheMillennialsNextDoor.com.