What is a "Good" Investment Return?

Part 1: It's All Relative

A friend emailed me a while ago with some questions about her retirement plan. She went on to say that her account returned 8.6% last year, which “seems low”, then asked “Is it?” And finally, ended her email with “HELP ME, I KNOW NOTHING!”

To help you understand what is and is not considered a "good" investment return, I'll be answering her questions in a four-part series. Click "Read More" for Part 1. 

Tackling Your Money Mountain

How planning for retirement is like packing for a hike

While packing for my Mt. Fuji hike, it dawned on me that many people approach investing and planning for retirement in much the same way as I'm approaching this hike. I know it's coming and it’s going to take a lot of time and effort, and because of that, I’m procrastinating like crazy preparing for it.

But let's face it, time’s a-ticking; this mountain is our working years, the summit is retirement. And there are two questions we all need to ask ourselves: How smooth of a hike do I want? How will I feel when I reach the top?