9 Money Resolutions for 2019

Money is the currency of life and often an integral factor in achieving our big picture goals. So make sure to set some financial resolutions to go along with your health, fitness, and lifestyle goals in 2019!

Tackling Your Money Mountain

How planning for retirement is like packing for a hike

While packing for my Mt. Fuji hike, it dawned on me that many people approach investing and planning for retirement in much the same way as I'm approaching this hike. I know it's coming and it’s going to take a lot of time and effort, and because of that, I’m procrastinating like crazy preparing for it.

But let's face it, time’s a-ticking; this mountain is our working years, the summit is retirement. And there are two questions we all need to ask ourselves: How smooth of a hike do I want? How will I feel when I reach the top?

Be a Grower, Not a Stower

How your savings account is costing you 10% per year

You're probably thinking “Costing me 10%?! My high yield savings account is making me 1%!”

Think again. If you are only saving, not investing, then YES, your savings account IS costing you ~10% per year.

Historically, the stock market has returned an average of 10% annually. So you may assume that the 10% you're missing out on refers entirely to investment earnings. However, that doesn't accurately portray what's really going on. In fact, there are two factors at play that, combined, are costing you 10%: Inflation and Opportunity Cost.

What's keeping millennials on the market sidelines…


Studies show that nearly 80% of millennials have yet to invest a single dollar. Many of them feel overwhelmingly burdened by student loans and are simply doing their best to stay afloat. They don't know where they'll be in five years, let alone forty. How can they be expected to invest for a future that's not only distant, but hazy at best? 

The key to finding clarity is engagement, so here are 3 Engagement Action Steps to get you started...