Do you have a 401(k), 403(b), 457, TSP, etc. but have NO idea how it works?

Do you scratch your head and say "Huh?" when looking at your account statements?

Do you wish you understood your account better and felt more in control?


Now's your chance.


I created Puzzling to Painless to put YOU in the driver's seat of your retirement account. From enrollment forms to Summary Plan Descriptions, contributions to employer match, traditional to Roth, and allocation to diversification, this PDF covers it ALL. It also includes an email template full of questions that you should be asking about your plan, as well as a comprehensive checklist to make sure you've got every concept under control.  Oh, and did I mention it's FREE?

In short, this 21-page DIY Guide for Your Retirement Account kicks a$$, and you need it in your life. 

The PDF is divided into five "chapters":

  • Administrative Elements
  • Money In
  • Investments
  • Housekeeping Items
  • Action Steps

Organizing the guide in this manner allows you to slowly familiarize yourself with your particular plan.

First, you'll tackle your account basics: what kind of account it is, who provides it, and where you can go online to check your performance and make changes.

You'll then examine the money that goes into your account. This includes using three methods to calculate how much you'll need to have saved to retire, and a simple, yet powerful tool to break that estimated nest egg into manageable monthly contributions. (Don't fret - there are plenty of basic calculations to guide you along the way!) 

Next, the Investments chapter will help you put your money to work by examining the funds available to you. You'll learn about concepts such as allocation and diversification here.

In Housekeeping Items, you'll explore two strategies for keeping your account up to date and aligned with your goals. 

The PDF then concludes with eight action steps that you can take today to put all of your hard work to use.

Still need more convincing? Here's a sneak peek of other pages included in this guide:


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