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Tara Falcone, CFP®

My name is Tara. I'm the Founder of ReisUP, and I'm on a mission to help you understand the seemingly complicated world of money. I want to empower YOU to take control of YOUR financial future.

Like it or not, the wealth gap is widening. But if we level the financial playing field, we can all benefit from that abundance. I believe that can be done through high quality, actionable, and - most important - relatable educational resources. 

That's why I've combined my blue collar background and Wall Street know-how to create easy-to-understand content and courses for you.

Don't worry. Unlike other sites, I use layman's terms to break down money concepts into bite-sized, digestible pieces. I've also laid out my lessons in a logical fashion, so you'll start making connections immediately.

It's time to "rise up" with ReisUP.  Check out the Learn page to start learning today.


My goal for this blog is to provide you a candid, no BS view on personal finance and investing, especially as it pertains to millennials. That means I’ll be telling stories about my wins and my losses, sharing insights and observations, and dishing out some tough love when needed.

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Why I've created ReisUP, and why you should ReisUP with me.


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