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2019 Topic:


How to Invest For Retirement With Purpose

Worried you’re not saving enough or investing properly for retirement?

Stressed trying to strike a balance between your future financial dreams and your current obligations?

Our focus throughout this workshop will be on planning for big money goals with intention rather than uncertainty, that way you can build a bright financial tomorrow while still enjoying your money today. During the presentation, we’ll talk about how to prioritize paying off debt (like student loans) and investing for the future. You’ll learn how to calculate the unique nest egg number that you, personally, will need to retire, and how to invest your money to bring that dream to life.

You’ll leave this workshop with more clarity (and therefore, less stress) around tackling debt and investing for retirement, and feel confident that you’re taking the right steps to ignite your financial goals.


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APRIL 2 - New York City

APRIL 10 - New York City

APRIL 15 - Washington D.C.

APRIL 16 - Baltimore

APRIL 19 - New York City

APRIL 23 - Chicago

APRIL 30 - New York City

MAY 2 - Los Angeles


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