Founder, Tara Falcone '11, Makes LIT™ Available to FELLOW Students

PRINCETON, September 19, 2018 /ReisUPdates/ -- As originally reported by the Yale Daily News, on September 19th, a custom LIT portal became available to Yale students through the Save Well page of the Yale Well website. On September 24th, it also became available through a new Financial Literacy page on the University’s website.

“Twelve years ago, I didn’t know how I could afford to pay for small car repairs, let alone college,” Falcone shared. “That was, until my guidance counselor told me about the generous need-based financial aid scholarships at universities like Yale.

Fast forward twelve years, one Yale degree, two financial designations, and a whole lot of passion, and LIT, our flagship program that helps college students understand and stress less about money, is now available to students at that very institution.

I couldn’t be more excited to empower fellow bulldogs with the knowledge and tools they need to write their own money stories. Cheers to things coming full circle.”

Tara will also be leading a Practical Personal Finance After Yale session during an upcoming Finance & Consulting event hosted by the Association of Yale Alumni and Careers, Life, and Yale.

LIT Welcome Preview.png