Yes, the destination is important, but learning about money is a journey.

That's why my content has been designed to lead you on your path to financial literacy.

Go through the units in order, and watch the videos in each unit in the sequence provided.

You'll be making "Aha!" connections in no time.

Want to go from money newbie to savvy investor but don’t know where to start?

I can show you. Unlike other sites, which post content haphazardly, ReisUP's resources are laid out in a logical fashion. I built this curriculum to teach you about investing in the order that I wish I had learned it. Each unit builds upon the one before it, as do the posts within each unit. The videos are numbered, so make sure to watch them in order to get their full benefit. 



If you're completely new to investing, start here! You'll learn about basic concepts like: 


UNIT #2 - YOUR 401(K)

Have the basics under your belt, but wish you understood your retirement account better? This is the unit for you!  It's called YOUR 401(k), but the concepts covered here apply to all retirement accounts - 403(b), 457, TSP, and IRA.

Check out this unit to learn about:




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