On my first day of work, my boss sat me down, drew a layer cake on a piece of paper, and used it to explain a company's capital structure. That cake analogy has stuck with me since, so I felt it was only appropriate to pass it on to you.



*The concepts covered in each video build upon each other. I suggest you watch them in order to get their full benefit.*


the basics #1: setting the stage

Setting the stage for your personal investment journey! Increased financial literacy starts here.


Debt isn't always a bad thing! Watch this video to find out how companies use it to grow.

the basics #3: equity

Equity - a MUST understand concept if you want to learn about investing. 

the basics #4: valuation

What does the price of equity (stock) mean? Just remember, the price of a slice is a reflection of the price of the whole cake.

the basics #5: private vs. public

You can't buy stock in every company. Didn't know that? Check out this video to learn why!



What role does a stock exchange play in the stock market? Well, it's kind of like a bake sale... A really big bake sale. 

the basics #7: ipo

What is an IPO? What happens when a company "goes public"? This short, concise video breaks the process wayyy down. 

the basics #8: why stocks go up & down

Ever wondered why stock prices go up and down? It's a constant balance between investor mood swings and financial evidence...

the basics #9: sectors & indices

How are stocks organized? By size, sector, industry, and index. This is a broad and brief primer for ReisUP's next big unit: Your 401(k). As an investor, you're able to invest money in these various groups, so check out this video to make sure you understand where your money is going!


A recap of THE BASICS unit. All the must-know investing basics summarized in one video. This video is a broad and brief primer for ReisUP's next big unit: Your 401(k). Make sure you've got a handle on these concepts before moving on!